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I wrote this book for entrepreneurs who are spending a LOT of time on socials but still aren't making a lot of money with it...

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In this FREE e-book I share how I use posts, boosts & ads to bring in consistent clients, grow my business to multiple locations, and how I set my business up to run without me so that I can work from anywhere, while doing the social media posts.

Hint: it actually has nothing to do with the algorithm or the type of content.

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Carissa Hill is a little bit ADHD, a little bit Boujee, A little bit Bogan and a little bit WooWoo. She's a money & business growth mentor living on a mountain in Gold Coast, Australia. She is so introverted she bought the rainforest next to her house so that she doesn't need to have any neighbours. Carissa has been growing businesses with social media (and setting them up to run without her) since she was 21 and believes that owning a successful business should support your desired lifestyle, no matter what it is. She has 2 little kids, a dog, a cat, a bee hive, and wants chickens.

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