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Hi, I'm Carissa Hill and I've been helping entrepreneurs to get more clients and make more money with social media since 2014.

Before I started teaching & marketing, I turned a home spray tanning  & hair extension salon into a chain of 3 stores and set it up to run without me in it.  I KEPT IT GROWING WITH SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS AND BOOSTS.

Since 2014, I've helped over 4000+ business owners to double, triple and 10X the money they make by using my posts, ads and marketing techniques. 

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Peace, Love, Profit is a FB & IG MARKETING COURSE that will help you get more clients & make more money (not just more followers and likes).

The fastest way to make a LOT more money in your business is to go ALL IN on your marketing.

This course shows you how & gives you post and ad templates you can copy / edit / paste / boost to get so many more NEW clients booking in with you, this month.

Most business owners are spending a lot of time on social media but are not getting new enquiries or clients booking in from their posts every day. ☚ī¸

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Š Carissa Hill Pty Ltd - @CARISSAHILLCOACH


During the course we focus on the three most important parts of growing a business.

MONTH 1 - Getting NEW Clients  with ads & boosted posts.

MONTH 2 - Get all your new clients coming back & telling people about how great you are = repeat business & referrals.

MONTH 3 - Getting your clients spending more and coming back more often = increasing lifetime value & making as much money as you can.

When all three of these areas of your business are working well you will be booked out and in demand all the time!

First Month $99

Then $199/mth. This is a limited time special offer. Prices are in USD.
(Normal Price is $299 per month)

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Karina has been a member of Peace Love Profit for only 3 months and has doubled the amount of money she makes!!!


The Peace Love Profit method works so well because it is based on PSYCHOLOGY

The focus of everything I do and teach is 100% on the customer NOT just about your business, product or service.

When someone sees a post or ad that is ABOUT THEM they will stop, read it, comment on it, and message you.

And when they FEEL GOOD about you, your team and your brand, they will become loyal, addicted, and tell everyone about you!

This is what makes my strategies different, it's what grew my salons so quickly, and this is how they have helped thousands of salon owners to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You can add $2-$10k per month to your business by improving your posts. Are you ready to experience that?